Quick Lunch Recipe: Baked Veggies

Spanish sardines, baked veggies and rice

It’s almost 12 noon and you still don’t know what to prepare for lunch, here’s my Quick Lunch Recipe that I’ve tried this week. I’m a work at home gal and I really like prepping up my lunch to make sure that I get a balance meal during this time. I usually take an hour of break for lunch and try my best to prep these meals for about 30 minutes or below.  (more…)

Black and Red: A Perfect Match

Zalora dress

I love red. This is one of the reasons that I am collecting red shoes, red dresses, red lipstick, red wallet and even the protective sleeve of my Kobo reader is red. Haha. (more…)

Native Filipino Dining at Lighthouse Restaurant

Native Filipino Dining at Lighthouse Restaurant

 I love eating out. One of the reasons I gained a lot during the past three years is that boyfriend and I love to try some delicious restaurant here in Cebu. Last time, I posted about our American style casual dining at Casa Verde. This time, I’ll be posting about our experience when we decided to try the Native Filipino Restaurant in Gaisano Country Mall– the Lighthouse Restaurant.  (more…)

American Heritage Turbo Broiler Review

American Heritage Turbo Broiler review

For our anniversary, Sugarplum’s gift is a new American Heritage Turbo Broiler which I wanted for so long. You can read here and here how we celebrated our 3rd year anniversary. I decided to write a review on the turbo broiler because I really didn’t find a lot of helpful review when I searched for one before hitting up the store. 

What’s in the box? (more…)

Overnight Stay at Estaca Bay Gardens Conference Resort

Overnight stay at Estaca Bay Gardens Conference Resort

 In celebration of our anniversary, Sugarplum and I planned to stay at Papa Kit’s but due to some unforeseen event it didn’t push through, you can read about it here. On the brighter side, we were transferred to another resort that they owned and upgraded our accommodation to Executive. We were transferred to Estaca Bay Gardens Conference Resort

Travel from Papa Kit’s to Estaca Bay is just a 12-minute ride. Here’s a map from Papa Kit’s to Estaca Bay. 

papa kits to estaca bay (more…)

Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon: Fishing Adventure

Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon: Fishing Adventure


May is a very special month for me and Sugarplum because it’s our anniversary month. Hooray!  On our first anniversary, we visited Tagaytay; on the second one, we explored the South of Cebu and meet the gentle giant of the sea. This year, we want to explore Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon. The place can offer a lot of activities: zipline, ATV, horseback riding, jungle adventure and fishing! You can also stay there overnight, their rooms are facing Silot Bay and I would have loved to see some magnificent sunrise or sunset, if we were really able to push through with our plans. 

Our original plan was to book a room in Papa Kit’s and enjoy all the activities that the place can offer. According to their website, check-in is at 2PM and check-out is at 12 noon the next day. I read somewhere that it’s best to do all your activities during early morning or late afternoon, to do away with sunburn or too much heat. Staying overnight there is a really good idea, right? We had a not so good experience using their online booking thru Booking.com. There was no online payment but we received a confirmation about our reservation to Papa Kit’s. We were a little relieved because the first week of May is a long weekend and a peak season. Little did we know that our luck is about to be tested, read that as patience.  (more…)

Green Smoothie Recipe: Banana Lettuce Smoothie

Green Smoothie Recipe Banana Lettuce Smoothie


This 2015, I signed up at the gym and started researching on the benefits of good and responsible drinking. I’m slowly loving tea and I definitely fell in love with Smoothies. My curiosity on how to make one started when Sugarplum and I went to a date at Brique, a restaurant here in Cebu, and discovered that they are serving smoothies. I tried one and my taste buds were bursting with happiness. I decided to search the internet on how to make one and found that smoothie making is a very simple thing to do. It can be done by anyone who have the courage to face the blender. 

The tips that I found very useful during my experiments are the following:  (more…)

Casual Dining at Casa Verde

casual dining at casa verde


Good food. Good life. Of course! 

I’ve always loved food, aside from the fact that it’s what my body needs, it’s also a good way to shoo away the bad vibes or the stress of the day. Who doesn’t love good food when you’re a little bit tired about what’s going on in your life? Okay, I’m a little bit dramatic here. Sorry about that. If you’re looking for a place to grab a mouth watering back ribs or just enjoy the best shrimp barbecue in Cebu then head on to Casa Verde, an American style casual dining in Cebu. 


Healthy Drinking: Adding Earl Grey Tea and Lemon Water

sliced lemon

sliced lemon

I’m a coffee addict. I can’t go on a day without a cup of coffee (read that as 3 to 4 cups a day). I know for a fact that too much coffee is not good, especially if it’s not paired with a lot of water. I try (like really try) my best to drink around 8 glasses of water in a day.

I promised myself this 2015 to change some of my bad habits and maybe, convert them to good one. Last week, I started posting what I eat in my Instagram account to fuel/pressure me into eating healthy. I love vegetables and I love cooking, what I think I lack is time management. The time to prepare those meals could consume around 30 minutes to 1 hour of my day and I usually woke up late due to my fluctuating sleeping habit. I’m also in the process of changing that sleeping habit.

This week, I’m going to add another healthy habit by introducing Earl Grey Tea and Lemon Water into my daily intake. (more…)

Cheese Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Cheese Stuffed baked Potatoes

Who doesn’t love Cheese or Potatoes? I’m not really a fanatic of french fries before until I discovered that it works best when you add Cheese into it. Recently, I’ve been also blog  hopping and found that you can actually bake and do whatever you like to the potatoes. Sounds yummy? Definitely.  (more…)

cooking stilettos

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