Mactan Island Hopping Part 2: Nalusuan Island Resort

Mactan Island Hopping Part 2 Nalusuan Island Resort

As promised, here’s the second part of our island hopping adventure in Mactan and the island is Nalusuan Island Resort. You can read the first part of our adventure here. After filling our stomach during lunch, we wrap up and went to the last island in our itinerary. The boat ride is not that long since the islands are situated near to each other. When we arrived, we were greeted by other tourist’s boat and a huge sign that it’s indeed the Nalusuan Island Resort. 

Nalusuan Island Resort


Mactan Island Hopping Part 1: Gilutongan-Caohagan Island

mactan island hopping

Last year, my friends and I went to the north of Cebu for an island hopping escapade to visit some virgin islands. You can read them here, here and here. This time, we tried another three islands in Mactan. I’m planning to make this a two part series since the third island is so special for me that I decided to dedicate one post for it. I’ll post it later. 

Our adventure started by going to Pier 1 and hopping on a ferry to Cordova Mactan. The ticket from Cebu to Cordova is 14 PHP each. Upon arriving in Cordova, we hailed a jeepney and it took us to where our adventure boat is waiting for us. A side note, we added 10PHP each for the driver of the jeepney to take us into the port. This is because the usual route of the jeepney is a kilometer away. 



Overnight Stay at Estaca Bay Gardens Conference Resort

Overnight stay at Estaca Bay Gardens Conference Resort

 In celebration of our anniversary, Sugarplum and I planned to stay at Papa Kit’s but due to some unforeseen event it didn’t push through, you can read about it here. On the brighter side, we were transferred to another resort that they owned and upgraded our accommodation to Executive. We were transferred to Estaca Bay Gardens Conference Resort

Travel from Papa Kit’s to Estaca Bay is just a 12-minute ride. Here’s a map from Papa Kit’s to Estaca Bay. 

papa kits to estaca bay (more…)

Virgin Island Series: Exploring Higatangan Island Leyte

Day 1 of this adventure is posted here and Day 2 is here too.

Higatangan Island

Higatangan Island

This is the second part of Day 2, as we travel towards another virgin island here in Visayas. The next island is Higatangan Island. Geographically speaking, the island is not part of Cebu but of Leyte. Unlike Carnaza where it’s some kind of shot in the dark adventure since we really don’t have any concrete place to stay, in Higatangan we had a contact and a resort to stay in. (more…)

Virgin Island Series Part II: Exploring Carnaza Island Cebu

Good morning Carnaza by Jane

Good morning Carnaza by Jane

After the Day 1 adventure of getting to Carnaza island which I posted here, we woke up just as the sun is rising for Day 2.

It’s amazing how late we did hit the sack the previous night and still managed to wake up around 6 AM. We certainly can’t do this at the city– I really don’t know why. But the sound of boats, the crispness of the salt water in the wind and that certain calmness by the beach is a great way to start our day. So, here’s what we did on our Day 2 adventure.


After drinking our coffee, we decided to walk along the shoreline and explore the island some more. According to the owner of the house we can buy fresh catch from the fishermen at around 8AM. We decided to wait for them to arrive and just explore the island while doing so. (more…)

Virgin Island Series Part I: Tips on Going to Carnaza Island Cebu

Summer is not over until I say so! Or, if that’s not enough, let’s call on the Summer in August band!

By the way, this post might be a little bit late but ho ho ho, it’s on production now and that means I’m trying to lift the lazy bug out of my way. To make things a little bit more fun let’s start this welcome-me-back post with a Carnaza-Higatangan-Sambauan Island Adventure that I took along with my friends, who were bitten by the travel bug. The three islands might not sound too familiar to anyone because they’re virgin island around Visayas, Philippines.

To start of this series, let’s start with our first destination–Carnaza Island Cebu.



Carnaza island is located at the northernmost part of Cebu, Philippines. It is accessible through Tapilon Port. This needs to be emphasized because Carnaza Island is not that famous that the bus that we rode on took us to Maya Port. Maya Port is for travelling to Malapascua Island. While, Tapilon is for Carnaza. It just needs emphasize. I promise you. (more…)

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