Fitness: Hiit Exercise and Proper Eating

Fitness: Hiit Exercise and Proper Eating

This week, I started doing HIIT (High-intensity interval training) workout and I also started counting the right amount of calories and macros that I should be taking in. The HIIT workout is very difficult for me and I am very sore right now. Going up to the bedroom, which is situated in the second floor of our apartment, is one of the most challenging part of my day. But hey, no pain no gain.

As for the food, I started tracking what I am eating. I also stayed up late last Monday night just to get the correct macro nutrients and correct serving of my rice. I cannot live without rice, this is an Asian thing. Satisfaction in my meal is difficult if I cannot eat rice. The secret, I think here, is moderation. The first thing that I did is count the correct calories that I should be taking in. I used this application to get the correct amount of calorie. For a 5’4 and 64 kg gal like me, the right amount of calories that I should taking in is 1200 calories for one day. This is based on the fact that I am working in a sedentary environment, meaning that I spend a lot of time sitting rather than moving around. This is the baseline, meaning that I should go over if I integrate exercise into my day. If I burn 300 calories from an exercise, it means that I can/should eat another 300 calories in one day. (more…)

“Safe” Exercise During Your Period

safe exercise during your period

It has been a long time since I hit the gym, I maybe failing and falling behind schedule but I still want to go back there in the next few days. I’ll update you once I enter that place again. I promise. I planned to go to the gym today but I got my period late last night and due to the cramps I postponed the gym visit. 

When my monthly visit do arrive, the few things that I do research online are the safe exercise that can be done and I found a lot of articles about it. Here’s the list of what exercise to do and what to avoid. 


  1. Light Cardio. Try walking or light jog. 
  2. Swimming. If you’re confident about not having a leak, this is a good idea. This is also a go for some who uses tampon but for me it might be a little bit awkward. Tampon use in the Philippines is not that common and I haven’t really tried it; though, I’m planning to use one in the near future to know it and its benefits. 
  3. Stretching or Yoga. Stretching is really good for the cramp muscles. 
  4. Do hydrate well. Due to our bleeding, we tend to lose more water also. So drink up a little more during these days. 


Fitness Goal for 2015

Fitness goal 2015

Change is something that is constant in this world. That sounds like a cliche but let me use that phrase to make my point about change. Change maybe constant but changing for the better is a difficult path to take especially if the change that we want is to improve something that is deeply rooted within us. Take for example my Fitness goal for the past years. Well, my fitness habit is not yet improved; realistically speaking, it hadn’t changed at all. 

This 2015, though the first quarter is long gone, I will change my approach on fitness. I decided to go the gym, you can read about what made me do it here, so that I’ll be able to improve this part of my life. Fitness is an important part of our life especially for people who works 8 or more hours per day sitting. Research had shown a lot of bad effects on sitting for a longer time and add to that a bad eating habit and we’ll definitely find ourselves in the drain.  (more…)

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