Shopping Online: My Zalora Experience



“I dress up for myself!”

This is what goes into my mind the moment I open my closet to select on what to wear for the day. One of the few things that I miss about being an office worker is the opportunity to dress up for the day; sometimes, I would go that extra mile of being a dress to kill office worker. I dress for myself, that’s enough reason why I love wearing dress, wedges, boots (on rainy days), a little bit shorter skirt and more.

Loving clothes and shoes do mean that I’m a bit of a shopaholic. I love shoes– red shoes, shoes on sale and shoes that I think would be a perfect pair for my new dress. I also love dress, especially those that would be a perfect pair for my new shoes. And then the cycle goes on. 😛

One of the few perks of being a freelance worker is that I do have a lot of time on my own which I could spend on experimenting on cooking and maybe shopping. The cooking part is still a work in progress but the shopping part has already begun. The internet my dear is the key to shopping while glued down to your seat, though I have some slight dilemma about shopping online. (more…)

Dress, Lace and Shoes

Aside from blogging, reading and playing soccer, I also love dressing up. I love selecting what dress to wear and what shoes to pair it with and after which, I sometimes put on light (or dark) make up and braid my hair to complete the do. Yep, I still have some feminine side of me even if I’m bombarded with other stuffs going on with my life.

5-inch shoes, see-through/lacy blouse plus skirt

5-inch shoes, see-through/lacy blouse plus skirt


cooking stilettos

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