August Review: A Month of Experiment

August ReviewI know I’ve been so busy in the past few days and I keep on forgetting to prepare some posts that should be up in here. Well, let’s try to put the past behind and let me present to you my experiments for the month of August. 

August has been good to me: I got transitioned to become a full time freelance, and I was able to experiment some more on the baking side: I baked cookies(2 recipe) and one chocolate cake, and some other cooking experiments. 

Recipe for August

The following recipes are the ones that I’ve tried. They are from bloggers that I followed and from my own experience, these recipes do rocks! Some side notes are also added on each recipe, these are my own learning experience:

1. Chewy Oatmeal Cinnamon Cookies – This recipe is originally from Amy’s Healthy Baking blog, which I followed recently. The recipe is superb and I love it because Amy do provide gorgeous pictures, substitute for recipe that you might not have and more. Also, a video of the baking process is also appended at the end.  (more…)

Turbo Broiler: How To Roast A Chicken

Turbo Broiler: How To Roast A Chicken

I’ve never tried roasting until I got my own Turbo Broiler earlier this year. I have been experimenting with my turbo for quiet some time now and found a way to roast chicken, bake cake and cookies. Maybe the list is a little shorter now but I hope that it will definitely grow. 

Today, I’ll let you on the lessons that I learned while experimenting how to roast in the turbo broiler:

  • To get that golden roast, cover the chicken with butter.
  • Turbo Time is 50 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius. 
  • Add spices. They do make a difference. 


Green Smoothie Recipe: Banana Lettuce Smoothie

Green Smoothie Recipe Banana Lettuce Smoothie


This 2015, I signed up at the gym and started researching on the benefits of good and responsible drinking. I’m slowly loving tea and I definitely fell in love with Smoothies. My curiosity on how to make one started when Sugarplum and I went to a date at Brique, a restaurant here in Cebu, and discovered that they are serving smoothies. I tried one and my taste buds were bursting with happiness. I decided to search the internet on how to make one and found that smoothie making is a very simple thing to do. It can be done by anyone who have the courage to face the blender. 

The tips that I found very useful during my experiments are the following:  (more…)

Healthy Drinking: Adding Earl Grey Tea and Lemon Water

sliced lemon

sliced lemon

I’m a coffee addict. I can’t go on a day without a cup of coffee (read that as 3 to 4 cups a day). I know for a fact that too much coffee is not good, especially if it’s not paired with a lot of water. I try (like really try) my best to drink around 8 glasses of water in a day.

I promised myself this 2015 to change some of my bad habits and maybe, convert them to good one. Last week, I started posting what I eat in my Instagram account to fuel/pressure me into eating healthy. I love vegetables and I love cooking, what I think I lack is time management. The time to prepare those meals could consume around 30 minutes to 1 hour of my day and I usually woke up late due to my fluctuating sleeping habit. I’m also in the process of changing that sleeping habit.

This week, I’m going to add another healthy habit by introducing Earl Grey Tea and Lemon Water into my daily intake. (more…)

Hikay: Lutong Pinoy

Hikay Menu

Hikay Menu

I’ve been meaning to write about this restaurant after the first time that we ate there but it seems the universe is conspiring against it. Every time I would try to write about it the lazy bone would kick in or my artistic juices would just run dry(if I have some of it) and so to prove to myself that I can write if I really want to, here I am again, trying my very best to complete this draft after around two months after it sat in the drafts section.  (more…)

Creamy Bacon Carbonara Pasta Recipe

I’ll be posting some cooking stuffs around here since I am an avid fan of the kitchen. Yep, I truly do love experimenting and trying to make some delicious food out of the things that can be found locally. I am not a chef or some sort of cooking guru with culinary certificate; rather, what I have is some sort of an immense experience in the kitchen. Fueled by my curiosity on how to do cooking, I started out helping my mom at the kitchen, my cousins with some sort of “accident” and finally, I was allowed to do it on my own.

To be able to keep track of what I already tried and maybe remember the recipe, I’ll be updating this blog with recipes. Here’s one of my all time favorite– Creamy Bacon Carbonara Pasta.

Creamy bacon carbonara pasta

Creamy bacon carbonara pasta


cooking stilettos

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