Country Basket: A Heavenly Basket of Sweets

Country Basket: A Heavenly Basket of Sweets

When the sweet tooth craving kicks in, where does your heart takes you? As for me, I found myself entering the Country Basket Pastries and more… in Lahug, Cebu City. Kidding aside, I read some blogs about it and was curious if their pastries do taste good and if the place is cute enough just like what I’ve seen in the photos posted online.

Gladly we, Sugarplum and I, was able to go there when my sweet tooth craving kicks in. Here’s what greeted us when we enter their cute shop.

A wonderful display of cakes, cookies and more on their little counter.

Pastries and more at Country Basket (more…)

The Old Spaghetti House

The Old Spaghetti House Menu

The Old Spaghetti House Menu

One of our new favorite place to dine when in SM Cebu is The Old Spaghetti House, aside from the fact that they are not too crowded during peak hours, they also serve one of the best Pasta Carbonara in town. This is according to Sugarplum who orders the same Pasta Carbonara when we visit there.

The ambiance inside reminds you of an old house, with an old looking wall, lights, the selection of chairs and tables and the little details on the wall. They also have a long mirror where you can take good pictures.  (more…)

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