Streetscape’s Vanille Bistro & Cafe

Streetscapes Vanille Bistro and Cafe

A few posts ago, I’ve written about this well hidden place to hang out in Cebu. I talked about Wok’d, a Thai restaurant in that post. Here’s another entry about Streetscape– this time, it’s the biggest coffee shop in the area. 

Vanille Bistro & Cafe is at the heart of Streetscape, it’s one of the biggest occupant in the area and one of the most cozy place to relax. They have a spacious second floor where guests can be comfy on their mix of sofa and soft chairs. The first floor contains their kitchen, their sweets and a big sofa for 2 sets of guests. It’s well lighted and their wifi is really good, what more can you ask for? 

vanille shot from outside


Mactan Island Hopping Part 1: Gilutongan-Caohagan Island

mactan island hopping

Last year, my friends and I went to the north of Cebu for an island hopping escapade to visit some virgin islands. You can read them here, here and here. This time, we tried another three islands in Mactan. I’m planning to make this a two part series since the third island is so special for me that I decided to dedicate one post for it. I’ll post it later. 

Our adventure started by going to Pier 1 and hopping on a ferry to Cordova Mactan. The ticket from Cebu to Cordova is 14 PHP each. Upon arriving in Cordova, we hailed a jeepney and it took us to where our adventure boat is waiting for us. A side note, we added 10PHP each for the driver of the jeepney to take us into the port. This is because the usual route of the jeepney is a kilometer away. 



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