View From The Top: Taoist Temple Cebu Experience

view from the top: taoist temple cebu


For people visiting Cebu, one of the toughest things to do is choose where to explore. To be able to help you out, I’m going to post some of the wonderful places that you might be interested in exploring– starting with the Taoist Temple of Cebu. 

Taoist Temple of Cebu is located at Beverly Hills Subdivision Cebu City. To go there, you can go to Lahug area and hire a motorcycle to bring you to the Temple. A better alternative is to hire a taxi. Many suggest that you should hire the taxi for the duration of your visit in the Temple because finding a taxi upon leaving is not that easy–location wise. With the advent of GrabTaxi, this is no longer a problem. Keep in mind that the Taoist temple is only open until 5:30 in the afternoon. 

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“Safe” Exercise During Your Period

safe exercise during your period

It has been a long time since I hit the gym, I maybe failing and falling behind schedule but I still want to go back there in the next few days. I’ll update you once I enter that place again. I promise. I planned to go to the gym today but I got my period late last night and due to the cramps I postponed the gym visit. 

When my monthly visit do arrive, the few things that I do research online are the safe exercise that can be done and I found a lot of articles about it. Here’s the list of what exercise to do and what to avoid. 


  1. Light Cardio. Try walking or light jog. 
  2. Swimming. If you’re confident about not having a leak, this is a good idea. This is also a go for some who uses tampon but for me it might be a little bit awkward. Tampon use in the Philippines is not that common and I haven’t really tried it; though, I’m planning to use one in the near future to know it and its benefits. 
  3. Stretching or Yoga. Stretching is really good for the cramp muscles. 
  4. Do hydrate well. Due to our bleeding, we tend to lose more water also. So drink up a little more during these days. 


Quick Lunch Recipe: Baked Veggies

Spanish sardines, baked veggies and rice

It’s almost 12 noon and you still don’t know what to prepare for lunch, here’s my Quick Lunch Recipe that I’ve tried this week. I’m a work at home gal and I really like prepping up my lunch to make sure that I get a balance meal during this time. I usually take an hour of break for lunch and try my best to prep these meals for about 30 minutes or below.  (more…)

Black and Red: A Perfect Match

Zalora dress

I love red. This is one of the reasons that I am collecting red shoes, red dresses, red lipstick, red wallet and even the protective sleeve of my Kobo reader is red. Haha. (more…)

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