American Heritage Turbo Broiler review

For our anniversary, Sugarplum’s gift is a new American Heritage Turbo Broiler which I wanted for so long. You can read here and here how we celebrated our 3rd year anniversary. I decided to write a review on the turbo broiler because I really didn’t find a lot of helpful review when I searched for one before hitting up the store. 

What’s in the box?

  • 1 turbo broiler which consist of the following:
    • Durable glass pot
    • Handle controlled and versatile switch cover
    • Removable base
  • Top and bottom rack with clip
  • 1 user manual

American Heritage Turbo Broiler

American Heritage Turbo Broiler Manual

What I like about it? 

I really love the fact that you can cook anything with it– be it roasting, baking, steaming or even thawing your food for your next food adventure. The size of this one, compared to a conventional oven does have its own perk– it’s a great space saver especially that my apartment’s kitchen is quite small and I don’t have a lot of space for appliances. The handle controlled switch is convenient and its temperature control are both labelled in Fahrenheit and  Celsius, no worry about conversion. Yay! According to its label, it can cook faster and doesn’t eat much electricity, that’s a great deal!

What I think I don’t like about it? 

The durable glass pot is really heavy. I don’t have a dishwasher (it’s dishwasher-safe) so I really need to bring it to the counter for cleaning, though it has a setting for washing so no need to worry about stinky stuff not being cleaned. Just the final polish and wash is a bit of a problem. I also found out that if I use the top rack for roasting, some meat are a bit well done compared to the others. The solution: cover it with some foil and it’s good to go. 

A test drive…

As for the test drive for the American Heritage Turbo Broiler, I decided to roast some chicken. I found some good recipe online and tried it. I set it at 180 degree Celsius and cooking time of around 40 minutes. 

roasted chicken on turbo broiler

The verdict…

The chicken is awesome. Roasting using the American Heritage Turbo broiler is really a superb idea. I got a juicy roasted chicken. Roasting using the turbo is a great way to make sure that the meat is not totally dried out compared to conventional grilling. I’m glad that I got this one and I would really recommend this product to anyone. 

I’ll also try out some other dish and maybe some baking escapade, stay tuned for more updates!


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