Native Filipino Dining at Lighthouse Restaurant

Native Filipino Dining at Lighthouse Restaurant

 I love eating out. One of the reasons I gained a lot during the past three years is that boyfriend and I love to try some delicious restaurant here in Cebu. Last time, I posted about our American style casual dining at Casa Verde. This time, I’ll be posting about our experience when we decided to try the Native Filipino Restaurant in Gaisano Country Mall– the Lighthouse Restaurant.  (more…)

American Heritage Turbo Broiler Review

American Heritage Turbo Broiler review

For our anniversary, Sugarplum’s gift is a new American Heritage Turbo Broiler which I wanted for so long. You can read here and here how we celebrated our 3rd year anniversary. I decided to write a review on the turbo broiler because I really didn’t find a lot of helpful review when I searched for one before hitting up the store. 

What’s in the box? (more…)

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