Overnight stay at Estaca Bay Gardens Conference Resort

 In celebration of our anniversary, Sugarplum and I planned to stay at Papa Kit’s but due to some unforeseen event it didn’t push through, you can read about it here. On the brighter side, we were transferred to another resort that they owned and upgraded our accommodation to Executive. We were transferred to Estaca Bay Gardens Conference Resort

Travel from Papa Kit’s to Estaca Bay is just a 12-minute ride. Here’s a map from Papa Kit’s to Estaca Bay. 

papa kits to estaca bay

We arrived at around 7 in the evening at Estaca Bay. We processed our accommodation in their reception and was then showed into our room. Here’s a sneak peek into what an Executive Accommodation is at Estaca Bay. 


Receiving area of the executive room at estaca bay


executive room at estaca bay


extra bedroom at executive room estaca bay


masters bedroom executive room estaca bay


The resort has its own canteen and we decided to take a bite into what the resort can offer. Their food were superb, definitely worth the price. Here’s a page of their menu.

food price at estaca bay


And here’s our dinner, the presentation is really good. The taste is superb too!

dinner at estaca bay

date at estaca bay

We hit the sack after an hour or so, we’re dead tired from fishing. 🙂 

We woke up early the next day, ate our breakfast and enjoyed their pool. One thing I love about Estaca Bay is that their swimming pool is overlooking the bay. It’s a beautiful scene: the blue waters and the clear blue sky blending together to make a magical image. It’s a beautiful reminder that we need to take some vacation, away from work and stress and just enjoy the beautiful things surrounding us.

morning coffee at estaca bay


Here’s the swimming pool at Estaca Bay. It’s open from 8 AM to 10 PM only. 

swimming pool at estaca bay


swimming pool at estaca bay


Here’s the beautiful bay. Magnificent!

Estaca Bay Beautiful bay

Estaca Bay Beautiful bay


And here’s me and Sugarplum on our 3rd year of being together! Happy anniversary to us! Cheers to more happiness and experiences!

Swimming at Estaca Bay Resort


Swimming at Estaca Bay Resort

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