Papa Kit's Marina and Fishing Lagoon: Fishing Adventure


May is a very special month for me and Sugarplum because it’s our anniversary month. Hooray!  On our first anniversary, we visited Tagaytay; on the second one, we explored the South of Cebu and meet the gentle giant of the sea. This year, we want to explore Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon. The place can offer a lot of activities: zipline, ATV, horseback riding, jungle adventure and fishing! You can also stay there overnight, their rooms are facing Silot Bay and I would have loved to see some magnificent sunrise or sunset, if we were really able to push through with our plans. 

Our original plan was to book a room in Papa Kit’s and enjoy all the activities that the place can offer. According to their website, check-in is at 2PM and check-out is at 12 noon the next day. I read somewhere that it’s best to do all your activities during early morning or late afternoon, to do away with sunburn or too much heat. Staying overnight there is a really good idea, right? We had a not so good experience using their online booking thru There was no online payment but we received a confirmation about our reservation to Papa Kit’s. We were a little relieved because the first week of May is a long weekend and a peak season. Little did we know that our luck is about to be tested, read that as patience. 

We arrived at Papa Kit’s at around 12 noon, it was a little bit exhausting because it’s an hour drive from Cebu City to Papa Kit’s. We have some friends waiting for us to start the adventure of the day and so we directly went to the reception to process our reservation and maybe offer our room to our friends for relaxation. The receptionist was a bit puzzled when she checked their list and our name was not there, they then asked for our copy of the reservation to check in their system. After a minute or so, she informed us that we had no reservation or it was not in their system. We were a bit annoyed because it was too hot that day and it’s illogical why a reservation confirmation was given to us but was not “processed” in theirs. The manager then talked to us and explained that they really have a problem with about reservation not being forwarded to them. On this part, we suggested that they should take down the reservation done thru, it’s a hassle to their customer. As a damage control to an annoying situation, the manager booked us in their other resort and upgraded our accommodation to Executive. Well, we were a bit hesitant to this offer because we had plans here. It’s a hassle. On the other hand, we really don’t have any choice as they don’t have any room for us. 🙁 Well, a simple reminder to anyone who would like to stay at Papa Kit’s, try calling when making a reservation instead of using their online booking, especially the one in I’m writing this one to inform everyone that some annoying things do happen when you trust too much. Haha. Well, charged to experience it is. 

restaurant 1 at papa kits

On a happy side, we met up with our friends at Restaurant One. Papa Kit’s has around 4 restaurants that offer different food. We didn’t try the other as the place is a bit huge. Restaurant One is near the fishing lagoon. We enjoyed a hearty lunch and decided to try fishing first. 

We rented a small cottage near the lagoon which cost us 500 PHP (~ 12 USD) and 2 fishing rod with bait, each cost 100 PHP (~2USD). Then off we go, into the wonderful experience of being patient while fishing.

Fishing at Papa Kit's



papa kits fishing lagoon

It’s funny how a simple activity such as fishing can make you forget about the concept of time. We were trying our best to catch even a single fish but was a bit of a failure in doing so. Patience. Patience. A guy from a nearby cottage even taught me how to properly hook my bait, how to throw the fishing rod like a pro and how not to try to move my hand while waiting for the fish. He said that the fish can feel the slightest vibration in the rod and it will definitely not bite my trap.

Honeybunch fishing at papa kits


me fishing at papa kit's


With hey misadventures at papa kit's

After four hours of waiting for a catch, Sugarplum had one. A few minutes after, I got my own catch too. Jan also had a chance but the fish was a bit large and we weren’t able to catch it. It was still a very fulfilling experience. We then packed up and would try the other adventures that Papa Kit’s can offer. We rode their free vehicle and up we went to where the zip line, ATV, wall climbing and jungle adventure is situated. We didn’t realize that the fishing had eaten up all our time and that the adventure area was already close. 🙁 That was sad but it definitely mean that we should try again next time. Tune in for the next time that we’ll visit Papa Kit’s and enjoy all their activities. 

It was still a very nice adventure. The place was really huge and I will still visit them again soon. Next time, we’ll call to do our reservation and maybe limit our fishing time to one hour or two. 😉 See you on our next adventure!

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