Fitness goal 2015

Change is something that is constant in this world. That sounds like a cliche but let me use that phrase to make my point about change. Change maybe constant but changing for the better is a difficult path to take especially if the change that we want is to improve something that is deeply rooted within us. Take for example my Fitness goal for the past years. Well, my fitness habit is not yet improved; realistically speaking, it hadn’t changed at all. 

This 2015, though the first quarter is long gone, I will change my approach on fitness. I decided to go the gym, you can read about what made me do it here, so that I’ll be able to improve this part of my life. Fitness is an important part of our life especially for people who works 8 or more hours per day sitting. Research had shown a lot of bad effects on sitting for a longer time and add to that a bad eating habit and we’ll definitely find ourselves in the drain. 

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This is a new experiment for me, an expensive one because I need to pay for the gym membership and buy the basic stuff for the gym. I’ll be posting some updates about it in the coming days and would also post the hindrances that I will be facing. Stay tuned and please do follow my blog for more updates. 

Fitness Goal 2015

  • Lose Weight. I’m planning to drop 5 kgs from my current weight. 
  • Less body fat. 
  • Slimmer waist. I want to go to the beach on a bikini (wishful thinking!).
  • Healthy diet. 
  • Improve my running pace.

Since this is the first week of my fitness experiment, the list above might change in the coming future but this will be the baseline. I’ll be updating my fitness story once every week to give you an overview of how I’m currently doing and also to remind myself that I’m progressing. I’ll also post about essentials and what to do in the gym, sounds like a plan right? 

What about you? What are your fitness goal for 2015? Share the love!

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