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Summer is already here and in my country we only have two seasons: hot and hotter. Definitely, it’s the hotter season now and it’s high time for some dip in the pool. Well, here’s a post that I’ve repackaged about our Danao Coco Palm Adventure last year. 

One of the most exciting adventure one can experience is the one that’s roughly planned or an impromptu adventure. Last February 22, 2014 we took an impromptu adventure to the North of Cebu, specifically to Danao Coco Palms Resort. It was the birthday of my cousin, Kevin and at the same time the continuance of his apprenticeship in a Cargo ship (he’s a seaman and he needs to go to their ship and meet the Captain). We’re also planning a vacation sometime this March but Jill(one of my friends) can’t go with us since she will be assigned to Alabang by March. To push through the vacation, though it was not planned, we decided to go to Danao. 

We searched for a nice resort in Danao and at the same time offers a not so pricey fees, and luckily we found Danao Coco Palms Resort. It was located near the highway, so getting there is easy.

Here’s how we got there:

From Gaisano Country Mall in Banilad, we rode a taxi to the North Bus Terminal, this is located in Subangdaku Mandaue City. The taxi fare is around 100 PHP (2 USD). If you know the route of jeepneys, you can go to SM Cebu and get a taxi from there to North Bus Terminal. SM Cebu and the North Bus Terminal are near to each other. You’ll probably pay less than what we shell out. Here’s some pictures of what’s inside the North Bus Terminal.

kevin at coco palms



food at north bus terminal dunkin donuts

According to the person that we asked about what specific bus to hop on to get to Danao, you can ride any bus of your choosing. Every bus there will certainly head to Danao or far north of Cebu. The buses ranges from bigger ones to smaller ones, airconditioned bus to not, new to older ones; take your pick. We hop on the bus that’s practically going to leave, it’s already around 12 noon and we want to enjoy Danao and get back to Cebu by night time. From the terminal to Coco Palms we shell out 40 PHP each (less than 1USD). The ride is approximately 1 hour and half, this will depend on the traffic density.

jill at the bus going to coco palms

coco palms resort

At last! Welcome to Danao Coco Palms Resort.  Upon entering, we’re greeted by their receptionist. They offer a day-use and an over-night, hotel-check-in-style stay. The entrance fee for day use is 150 PHP(3USD) and the cottage, which includes a hammock, beach tables and chairs, cost around 500 PHP(10 USD). If you opt to stay overnight, it’s advisable to book ahead of time to secure a room, the room rate is 2,500 PHP(50 USD). The place is near the beach, though we didn’t try swimming on the sea, we opt in using their pools. They have two kinds of pool, one for day-use and an exclusive for guests pool. We stayed near the day-use pool and relaxed there.

 coco palms resort banner

jill and darlene at coco palms resort

decoration at coco palms resort

jill at coco palms resort

They also serve hearty meals and their staff are accommodating. We thought the food will be a little bit expensive, knowing that this is a resort and the serving might be small, we opt in ordering one viand for each person. When they serve the food, we’re surprised to see that the serving were bigger than the usual. They are definitely for shares. On the happy note, we’re allowed to pig-out that day. *giggles*. The price is definitely reasonable, our orders where around 150 PHP (3USD) to 200 (4USD) each.

food at danao coco palms resort


sizzling food at danao coco palms resort


gambas at danao coco palms resort

fish fillet at coco palms resort

The place also has a bar at the back of the rooms, where they serve coffee, juice and alcoholic drinks. We bought a Mocha Coffee for 90PHP (2 USD) and a pitcher of Long Beach iced tea at 400 PHP(8 USD). The bar is located near the infinity pool for the over night guests.

drinks at coco palms resort

overnight stay at coco palms resort

price of drinks at danao coco palms resort


They also offer a water park but sadly we were not able to enjoy it since it was so windy that day. They don’t setup the water park when it’s too windy because it might be too dangerous.

We had a hearty lunch at around 3 in the afternoon(more likely a very huge snack in the afternoon), a dip in their pool and let the time slip away. Here are some of our pictures while relaxing. 

view at danao coco palms resort


jill and darlene at danao coco palms resort

posing at danao coco palms resort


sugarplums at coco palms resort

jill at coco palms

jill and me at danao coco palms resort

kevin and me at danao coco palms resort

sugarplums at danao coco palms resort



me at danao coco palms resort

We bundled up and went home at around seven in the evening, since the place is near the highway, we just waited outside the resort for a bus. We hop on the bus and shelled out 36 PHP( less than 1USD) for the fare home. We hop off at the North Bus Terminal to avoid getting lost if we hop off elsewhere.

Yay! It was definitely a good experience. A happy one and add to the fact that it was all an impromptu adventure.

What about you, have you tried an impromptu adventure? Share. Share. 🙂

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