Country Basket: A Heavenly Basket of Sweets

When the sweet tooth craving kicks in, where does your heart takes you? As for me, I found myself entering the Country Basket Pastries and more… in Lahug, Cebu City. Kidding aside, I read some blogs about it and was curious if their pastries do taste good and if the place is cute enough just like what I’ve seen in the photos posted online.

Gladly we, Sugarplum and I, was able to go there when my sweet tooth craving kicks in. Here’s what greeted us when we enter their cute shop.

A wonderful display of cakes, cookies and more on their little counter.

Pastries and more at Country Basket

Counter at Country Basket

Cookies at Country Basket

Pastries and more at Country Basket

I read somewhere that one of their best seller is their Cake in a Jar, so we ordered that and a Cafe Mocha.

The place is quite small but it was optimized by the addition of a second floor level. The first floor is for the counter, one or two chairs and is connected to the second floor with a twirling staircase. The second floor is nicely decorated, from the little details to the wall, the hanging decorations and up to the color coordination of the tables and chairs.

Luckily for us, we were the only customers and so we really took our time to take a lot of pictures of the place. It’s a place of relaxation and heavenly feeling.

Painting at Country Basket

sugarplum and the chairs

Colorful chairs @ Country Basket

Wall Decoration at Country Basket

Wall painting at Country Basket

Cute decorations @ Country Basket

Decorations at Country Basket

After settling in, we started tasting their Cake in a Jar. 

Sugarplum drinking coffee at Country Basket

Cake in a Jar at Country Basket

Cake in a Jar at Country Basket

Sugarplum and the cake in a jar at Country Basket

The verdict, IT’S GREAT! It’s not too sweet but definitely it’s yummy. It’s one of those cake that doesn’t hide in their sweetness to give you the idea that it’s yummy– the quality of the cake is superb. The icing and chocolates do complement well and after finishing one, I was craving for more. I even bought a second Cake in a Jar that I would take home. That’s how yummy I found their Cake in a Jar was. 😛

The Cake in Jar cost 155 PHP (~3.4 USD) and their Cafe Mocha is 95 PHP (~2 USD).

Well, if you’re wondering if they do have a Wifi and socket for power supply in case you decide to bring your laptop there— YES! They do have a Wifi service and a socket that can be found below the chairs.

Here’s me trying to have an OOTN wearing my recent loot from Zalora, you can read it here.

Me in a Zalora dress at Country basket

Me in a Zalora dress at Country basket

Me in a Zalora dress at Country basket

If you want to contact them here’s their contact #: 0917-3203585 and complete address: JY Square, Prestigio Gorordo Avenue, Lahug, Cebu City. 

Have you been to Country Basket? Share your experience below. Do you know any chocolate haven here in Cebu? Share it!

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