Cheese Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Cheese Stuffed baked Potatoes

Who doesn’t love Cheese or Potatoes? I’m not really a fanatic of french fries before until I discovered that it works best when you add Cheese into it. Recently, I’ve been also blog  hopping and found that you can actually bake and do whatever you like to the potatoes. Sounds yummy? Definitely.  (more…)

Fitness Goal for 2015

Fitness goal 2015

Change is something that is constant in this world. That sounds like a cliche but let me use that phrase to make my point about change. Change maybe constant but changing for the better is a difficult path to take especially if the change that we want is to improve something that is deeply rooted within us. Take for example my Fitness goal for the past years. Well, my fitness habit is not yet improved; realistically speaking, it hadn’t changed at all. 

This 2015, though the first quarter is long gone, I will change my approach on fitness. I decided to go the gym, you can read about what made me do it here, so that I’ll be able to improve this part of my life. Fitness is an important part of our life especially for people who works 8 or more hours per day sitting. Research had shown a lot of bad effects on sitting for a longer time and add to that a bad eating habit and we’ll definitely find ourselves in the drain.  (more…)

Coco Palms Impromptu Adventure

coco palm impromptu adventure

Summer is already here and in my country we only have two seasons: hot and hotter. Definitely, it’s the hotter season now and it’s high time for some dip in the pool. Well, here’s a post that I’ve repackaged about our Danao Coco Palm Adventure last year. 

One of the most exciting adventure one can experience is the one that’s roughly planned or an impromptu adventure. Last February 22, 2014 we took an impromptu adventure to the North of Cebu, specifically to Danao Coco Palms Resort. It was the birthday of my cousin, Kevin and at the same time the continuance of his apprenticeship in a Cargo ship (he’s a seaman and he needs to go to their ship and meet the Captain). We’re also planning a vacation sometime this March but Jill(one of my friends) can’t go with us since she will be assigned to Alabang by March. To push through the vacation, though it was not planned, we decided to go to Danao.  (more…)

Simple Roasted Peanut Recipe

simple roasted peanut recipe

I love peanuts! I’ve been (hoarding) buying a lot of peanuts recently and found that some of them are just skinless but are not cooked thoroughly; though, I think some people prefer their peanuts to be a little bit raw. It’s not for me, I cringe a little bit when tasting raw peanut, I’m not sure why but that’s just it.

I didn’t throw away my raw peanuts; rather, it opened an opportunity for me to do a little bit of experiment on roasted peanut.  (more…)

Country Basket: A Heavenly Basket of Sweets

Country Basket: A Heavenly Basket of Sweets

When the sweet tooth craving kicks in, where does your heart takes you? As for me, I found myself entering the Country Basket Pastries and more… in Lahug, Cebu City. Kidding aside, I read some blogs about it and was curious if their pastries do taste good and if the place is cute enough just like what I’ve seen in the photos posted online.

Gladly we, Sugarplum and I, was able to go there when my sweet tooth craving kicks in. Here’s what greeted us when we enter their cute shop.

A wonderful display of cakes, cookies and more on their little counter.

Pastries and more at Country Basket (more…)

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